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Beginning Wednesday, February 18th! 


From Our Pastor’s Heart 

I had only planned to watch a few minutes... however, I was spell bound!  I found myself in tears, sometimes laughing, but especially thinking so much about my family, my grandchildren, and about the world in which they are growing up in. I was watching James Dobson’s presentation, “Your Legacy”.  The question that was burning in my heart and mind…   what kind of legacy am I leaving my family?

In the study “Your Legacy”, Dr. Dobson takes us back, beginning with his great grandfather, and shares how four generations have impacted his life to make him what he is today. He helps us understand the amazing opportunity we have to make an impact in our families that can go for generations to come.

You will love going back to where Dr. Dobson grew up and seeing the school he grew up in, the country store where his family got their supplies, a long forgotten playground that at one time was filled with children playing ball, swinging, and climbing the bars. But now they are all gone. What kind of legacy did their parents and grandparents leave them? Where are they now?

Today, more than ever, we need to be diligent to give our children and grandchildren the hope and strength they will need to be strong in the culture around them.  PLEASE!  ...make these five Wednesdays a priority! Come to the first session on Wednesday, Feb 18 and I promise you will leave changed! Your perspective about your impact on your family will never be the same!

I have been waiting so eagerly to have this study at our church! It will last five weeks! It will be the one study of 2015 that you will not want to miss. This five week study will conclude March 18. Then, beginning Mar 25 we will have the regular variety of studies   to choose from.  We have some great studies coming!  You will hear more in the coming weeks!

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